Torontonians are Smoking up Over 140 Million Joints Annually

Torontonians are Smoking up Over 140 Million Joints Annually thumbnail

July 24, 2018, Toronto

Canada is going to give a full legal status to cannabis in October this year. The development hasn’t originated from a void. Canadians have always been known to smoke up a lot. There are several rough estimations to suggest the extent of cannabis use. For instance, it is said Canadians have been blazing over 700 metric tons of marijuana every year. In monetary figures, it has been estimated that they are smoking cannabis of around five billion US dollars.

Use of cannabis varies differently across the country. Most of the surveys suggest that large urban centers are more habitual users of marijuana. One of the latest surveys has estimated the smoking habits of marijuana in the Country’s most iconic city Toronto. Environics Analytics conducted a survey in Toronto among 5,000 residents from different locales and demographics.

The surveyors asked the participants to estimate their total cannabis consumption in terms of blunts they smoke. By collecting this information and expanding it to the whole city population, the analytics firm has estimated that the Toronto city is lighting up more than 140 million blunts every year.

There are Some More Interesting 

There are Some More Interesting

There are Some More Interesting – Image powered by

It is important to note that Environics hasn’t just estimated the number of blunts smoked by the Toronto residents every year. The firm has also tried to find how marijuana consumption is spread across the city and who is smoking it. There are some interesting bits of information that you can find in the survey.

For instance, a young single of mixed ethnicity living in a high-rise apartment building is the most habitual user of the strain. On the other hand, the use of weed is minimal among affluent Asian families. In addition, marijuana consumption is highest on the seafront, the city’s center and the areas surrounding universities. High-scale suburbs and residential neighborhoods have reported lighter consumptions. However, it is difficult to estimate consumption because numbers are greatly varying from block to block.

Importance of These Detailed Surveys

Importance of These Detailed Surveys

Importance of These Detailed Surveys – Image powered by

In a couple of months, Canada is going to legalize adult-use cannabis all across the country. Every province is in the process of ironing out regulations and protocols to make this transition smooth. To ensure that legal cannabis market remains effective and efficient from the day it inaugurates, it is imperative to correctly estimate the consumption of cannabis on the ground. With these numbers in mind, respective authorities can ascertain the required provisions accordingly.

The survey from Environics draws a realistic picture of cannabis consumption in Toronto. It is clearly suggesting that the city is the region of highest cannabis consumption in the entire country and residents will swarm the legal stores as soon as the sales start. Therefore, province and city officials will be required to establish a robust manufacturing and production mechanism to maintain the equilibrium between supply and demand. Otherwise, they have to face the similar situation as California where legal products got scarce within a couple of weeks after the legalization of adult-use cannabis.

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